What is Schrodinger's Cat?

Schrodinger's Cat is a hypothetical thought experiment created in 1935 by a man who loved physics and hated cats. Here's how it holds up today... Read Now

Viruses: Genes Gone Rogue

Viruses are devious wretches that meddle with our biology. You might call them intracellular parasites, mobile genetic elements, or freeloading gits... Read Now

How Does Gene Therapy Work?

Gene therapy delivers new DNA into body cells, repairing our biological blueprint when it becomes damaged by mutation. To the uninitiated, this begs more than a few questions... Read Now

16 Landmark Moments in Animal Evolution

Evolution is a famously slow process. Yet key genetic level-ups created remarkable new features that overhauled the lives of our ancient animal ancestors... Read Now

Can We Live on Mars?

It's no secret that Elon Musk is eyeballing Mars. But how likely is it that we could live on Mars in our lifetime? Is it even possible to terraform the Red Planet...? Read Now

Climate Change Facts and Figures

Humans have been disrupting the climate since the 1800s. Here's the impact on global temperatures and sea levels vs 500 million years of natural climate change... Read Now

The Origins of Language

Language helped groups of hunters coordinate their attacks on megafauna like mammoths, mastodons, and sabre-toothed cats... Read Now

How Does Evolution Work?

Evolution connects all life on Earth. Whether you're a marine worm or a marmoset, the same genetic code proliferates your DNA. Here's how it works... Read Now

Where Do Cells Come From? A Dip in a Primordial Soup

Once upon a time, about 3.8 billion years ago, there was a primordial soup. It was a tad watery and flavourless, but it did contain some promising ingredients... Read Now

Are We More Than Biological Machines? The Illusion of Free Will

If memories and sensations are cities spread across a country, then consciousness is the interconnected network of highways that connect them... Read Now

Neuralink and You: A Human-AI Symbiosis

The AI will run our world; not with a Terminator-style robot war, but with data-derived algorithms making micro and macro decisions on our behalf... Read Now

How Does DNA Work? A Guide to Genes, Chromosomes, and DNA Expression

DNA isn't just a blueprint for foetal growth. You're expressing DNA right now to produce life-sustaining proteins like insulin, cortisol, and oxytocin... Read Now

The Best Popular Science Books

In the forest from dawn till dark, Goodall had only fleeting glimpses of frightened animals. But after some months, she finally won their trust... Read Now

The Evolution of SARS-CoV-2

As the youngest of the coronavirus family, SARS-CoV-2 did his parents proud. Here's the evolution of the coronavirus that shook the world silly... Read Now

The Teleporter Thought Experiment and The Paradox of Identity

A man walks into a teleporter. He pauses for thought while it scans the physical state of every single molecule in his body. In a few moments, his entire being... Read Now

The Extraordinary Life of Elon Musk: Why We Need Self-Driving Cars, Reusable Space Rockets, and Wireless Brain Implants

So your whole life, you've had this dream of changing the world? For Elon Musk, this isn't enough. His ambitions are multiplanetary... Read Now

How Do Jellyfish Have Sex? The Jelly Lifecycle Illustrated

Jellies are ancient animals, mastering sexual reproduction long before us. Frankly, we're the ones odd-balling it with our penises, vaginas, and miserable childbirth... Read Now

Nanomedicine Technology is Here: The Invention, Scale, and Applications

Nanomedicine allows us to target disease at the appropriate operational scale, making for less invasive and more effective therapies from drug delivery to surgery... Read Now

What Does COVID Do To Your Body?

As the SARS-CoV-2 virus has evolved, so too has the pathology of COVID. Now classed as a vascular disease, COVID infection can cause multi-system dysfunction... Read Now

Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life Illustrated

What are we fighting? Carl Jung said it's the absolute terror of existence. When life shatters us, what core pursuits will motivate us to put ourselves back together...? Read Now

The Life of Nikola Tesla: The Electric Inventions of a Polymath

Despite his extraordinary inventions, the media labelled Tesla a lunatic and a con-man. At one low point, he even saw his private New York lab burn to the ground... Read Now

Who Owns Your Organs When You Die? The Ethics of Organ Donation

In this dystopian nightmare, police restrained the family while doctors took Hua into surgery to retrieve his organs, thereby instrumentalising his death... Read Now

The Biology of Depression: Norepinephrine, Serotonin, and Dopamine Explained

In the grip of depression, a beautiful day with your loved ones is reduced to overwhelming fear, anxiety, hopelessness, or numbing ambivalence... Read Now

The Life of Isaac Asimov: Science Fiction and Fact

He described Nightfall as an archetypal social science fiction, where authors moved away from gadgets and towards exploration of the human condition... Read Now

Helium Could Save Our Planet: Cold Fusion and Moon Mining

Once we crack this nut, it's in our reach to power the world with helium. That's if you consider the moon within our reach—and China certainly does... Read Now

Atoms 101: What Do Atoms Look Like?

Despite draping themselves in bed sheets for every occasion, the ancient Greeks were brilliant enough to conceive of atoms as building blocks of the universe... Read Now

The Psychology of Facebook: Addiction and Identity

Real social connection involves responding to hundreds of subtle social cues, which are only possible when we're close to each other. Close enough to smell... Read Now

Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think

By five months old, the puppy could recognise 500 words and infer social hints to locate hidden objects; talents beyond our closest primate cousins... Read Now

How Does Classical Conditioning Work?

Generalisation is also common in phobias. If you have an irrational fear of going to the doctor, your anxiety can also be triggered by related stimuli... Read Now

Meet a Real Life Body-Snatching Parasite: Curtuteria Australis

This is Curtuteria australis: a parasitic flatworm who takes over three separate hosts during his convoluted lifecycle. He's also a card-carrying body-snatcher... Read Now

How Was Stonehenge Built? Techniques of Neolithic Builders

In the 5,000 years since it was built, Stonehenge has been eroded by weather, sunken by earthworms, and picked at by handsy tourists... Read Now