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Oh, Hello.

My name is Rebecca, or Becky, or Bec, or Brrrrakakakaka if you just like making silly noises. Thanks for letting me inside your head for the next few minutes. It's quite roomy in here, isn't it? No, wait—that's supposed to be a compliment. What I really mean is, I like the way you've arranged all the squishy bits. It's good Feng Shui... no? (No.)

I see you have many questions. You're wondering how the devil does ChatGPT work and will Neuralink break our brains and while we're on the subject, how do jellyfish have sex? I'm glad you asked. Because theses are exactly the kinds of questions I like to ponder.

  • Name: Rebecca Casale (say: Ka-sah-lee)
  • Occupation: Writer and shitty illustrator
  • Born: London, 1983
  • Lives: Auckland, present day
  • Dreams: The not-too-distant future
  • Interests: Science fiction, genetics, evolution, animals
  • Tea: Yes please
  • Favourite movie: Jurassic Park, Eternal Sunshine, Arrival
  • That's three. Yes I know
  • Who's asking the questions here? Me
  • Good point. Thank you
  • Favourite TV shows: Alan Partridge, Black Books, Red Dwarf
  • Favourite colour: Blue. No, yello--
  • Surprise talent: Telepathy
  • Surprise weakness: Spontaneous outrageous lying
  • Worst habits: Killing sprees, leaving long hair in the plug
  • Is this enough? It's too much if anything

If you want to contact me you can do so here. And if you follow me using the pretty icons below, I'll pop my head up more often.

Rebecca Casale, Creator of Science Me

Rebecca Casale is a science writer and illustrator in New Zealand. If you like her content, share it with your friends. If you don't like it, why not punish your enemies by sharing it with them?

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