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About The Author

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Becky Casale

Hi. I'm Becky Casale. Welcome to my blog.

I know what you're thinking. Will COVID ever go away? Is reading this the best use of your time? Where are my pants?

I'm largely unqualified to answer your very important questions. But I can offer you science musings such as: Will Teleporters Destroy Your Soul? and No Because We Are Biological Machines and How Do Jellyfish Have Sex? (An inexplicably popular article, you pervs.)

Science Fact and Science Fiction

Many scientists love science fiction because it's a natural extension of the thing they do best: asking questions. What are the effects of genetic modification? What would it be like to colonise another planet? What would happen if we could see into the past—or the future? If these questions have you frothing at the mouth, you're a scientist too.

I caught the science bug when I read Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park when I was 13. I got hooked on the genetics, ethics, chaos theory, and the practical consequences of creating belligerent monsters that look like dinosaurs.

The "what if" questions posed by science fiction grow in significance every year. Technology is accelerating at an eye-watering pace, and things once considered wildly futuristic are now a reality. As I write, long-distance quantum teleportation is in the science news, using entangled photons to develop a quantum internet.

This is what I'm all about: understanding the nature of things so we can ask the right questions. Everything I do is a work in progress, just like humanity itself. A weird and chaotic science experiment set on a little blue dot.

Close Up

I live in Auckland in New Zealand with my partner Pete and our two children, Fox and Kea. It's a million miles 11,000 miles from the life I grew up in back in England.

Over the years I've been a financial journalist, a medical proofreader, a copywriter for all the things, and a blogger. I've founded and sold a handful of businesses. As you can see from my posts, I'm slowly learning digital illustration.

I love science fiction and science non-fiction, podcasts, and chess. They keep me sane when I find my two-year-old sloshing her poo around the toilet with her bare hands.

I'm most keen on genetics and evolution and am halfway through a Bachelor of Science. I created Science Me because I enjoy writing about science and particularly how the world fits together in the framework of evolution.

I hope you enjoy the site.

Becky Casale, the author of Science Me, with her son Fox in New Zealand

Me and Fox having a bit of a day on Earth

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