About The Authors

About The Authors

Science Me is a blog run by Rebecca Turner and Pete Casale, a couple of science hoodlums in New Zealand.

About Rebecca (Writer and Editor)

Hello, I'm Rebecca. Although you can call me Becky or Bex or Behhh or just a vague sighing sound carried by the wind. I don't mind, really, I don't.

Work Life

My work for the last ten years has mostly revolved around blogging. I created niche websites like World of Lucid Dreaming and Sheltie Planet.

Eventually I decided to focus on something that's always interested me but I felt entirely underqualified to write about. I thought "bugger that - I'll learn!" I handed over the reigns on my other sites and created Science Me.

I'm now studying a Zoology degree at Massey University, which contrary to popular opinion doesn't only set you up for working at the local zoo (although that would be cool). Charles Darwin, David Attenborough and Jane Goodall are famous examples of passionate zoologists.

Zoology is as much about the study of animal biology as it is the environments that have shaped them for hundreds of millions of years. For me, it's about the overarching study of animal evolution, although many researchers go on to investigate ecology, behaviour, conservation, populations, and beyond.

In this field, I'm learning how nature drives the adaptations, speciations, anatomies and lifecycles that ripple throughout animal evolution. I'm also fascinated by the molecular dances of DNA being revealed in the rapidly developing fields of genetics and genomics.

All this comes at the hand of random natural events and it's absolutely beautiful. When it comes to blogging about these subjects, I love to fit a narrative to the science and share those stories with other people.

Personal Life

I grew up in the UK as a shy kid, always with my nose in a book. School rather hammered it into me that I was socially inept and so I thought being a nerd was bad and backward. Only in recent years did it dawn on me that using your brain is brilliant. Who knew?

I met my evil-genius of a partner, Pete, while working as a financial journalist in London. He's not really that evil. Quite benevolent, in fact. But if I simply called him a genius then his head would explode.

We moved to New Zealand and had our son, Fox in 2012. We're expecting a baby girl soon. Deciding to have babies was not intuitive for me, but then I realised that passing on your genetic code is literally the meaning of life.

It turns out having kids is awesome too. You get to grow your own human being and watch them develop into an adult. It's the ultimate biology experiment. Just please don't tell them that.

Now, apparently, it's good form to have a photo of yourself on your About page so your readers can gaze lovingly into your eyes. Please humour me while I do that now. As a special bonus it includes my dog Howard.

Rebecca Turner

I'm delighted when readers follow Science Me on Facebook or email, and especially both. It's my empirical way of measuring demand for more content and also keeps you in the loop.

About Pete (Contributing Writer and Tech Support)

I'm Pete. If you want to know what I am, then technically I am a "human being" or Homo sapiens. Although apparently sapiens is Latin for "wise man" so naturally I have my doubts

I did a lot of travelling in my 20s and I met my perfect girl Becky when I was working in London. We started a long relationship culminating in the writing of this blurb.

I like to draw pictures about the science I find interesting and pressure Becky into publishing them for me here. I also take care of the design and back-end.

My day job is user experience design, which is the art of rationalising website and application design. I take some papers at university, majoring in Psychology or Philosophy, depending on the day of the week.

My other projects include making piano-based instrumental music which can be found by searching for "Casale" on your music app.

I also produce a podcast called Schemey Pete's Scenarios in which I pose hypothetical questions to poor bastards who know me in real life. Becky is a regular guest and we often go on tangents of science and philosophy.

Here's my real photo, which I think you'll agree is pixel-for-pixel identical to my cartoon portrait. Now don't hang around here - visit our Archives and get your science on. Immediately! Post haste! Pronto! Etc.

Pete Casale