About The Authors

Science Me is a blog run by Becky Casale and Pete Casale, a couple of science hoodlums based in Auckland, New Zealand.

I'm Becky, the creator of Science Me. I'm a blogger, a zoology student and mum of two human beans. I'm passionate about evolutionary biology and the natural sciences, although I cover many aspects of science here.

So what’s it all about? If you’re new to science, have a look at Why Science? It explains how the scientific method is the best available source of objective knowledge to humanity.

Science Me hopes to ruffle up your science feathers and get you thinking rationally and creatively. It reveals the world through an empirical lens, where vast inspiration awaits. It also tries to be a bit silly in the process.

The site also benefits from a Pete. Pete is a web and UX designer, a student of philosophy, and contributor to Science Me. He also writes the hidden code you never see behind the site.

Pete and I share common interests in science and philosophy. Every week we have hypothetical debates on his comedy podcast series Schemey Pete's Scenarios. We also share a couple of kids: Fox (6) and Kea (0). That last revelation explains why there hasn't been much activity on the blog lately, but normal service will resume soon.

Becky, Pete, Fox

If you're a scientist, student, journalist, publisher, millionaire, or anyone else who wants to help develop Science Me into something special, you can drop us an email or connect on LinkedIn. Or don't! Free will is an illusion.

Elsewhither, visit our article archives and get your science on. Immediately! Post haste! Pronto! Etc.